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Five Google My Business Tips for Beginners

Last week we wrote a blog post on using Googles free my business pages.

This week we wanted to give you a few tips that we have found helpful in improving our rankings on Google Maps with our Google My Business Page

  1. Make sure you have your correct address entered as your location. Don't remove the address from your listing unless you have a really good reason to do so.

  2. Add photos regularly.

  3. Ask customers for reviews.

  4. Regularly update your page with posts, hours, events and any other relevant information to your business. Try to answer as many questions in this page as you can before directing them to your website or to call you. We think you should consider this as important or more important than updating social media pages.

  5. If you have a business name like "Williams Brothers" and you are a remodeling company make your google business page something like "Williams Brothers Remodeling." By adding a key word to your title it will help identify what you do.

  • Bonus Tip - Don't add the area you are in to the name (i.e 'Williams Brothers Remodeling - Lansing, MI). Additionally don't stuff your title with multiple key words. We have read Google might actually penalize your ranking for this.

If you are struggling with this aspect of your business you are far from alone! Keep tinkering with it and let us know what does and doesn't work for you!

- Justin

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