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Free Marketing - Google My Business Pages

Does your local business have a Google My Business page? What is a Google My Business page?

Google's mission is to "organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful." In order to help achieve their goal Google has created a way for small businesses to market themselves for free. Their intent is to help consumers easily find the goods and services they are searching for. The consumer can't find you if you don't do a little work beforehand.

This is where Google My Business accounts come into play. Whether you are a realtor, dog groomer, coffee shop, or local contractor you should have a google my business account. They are free and super easy to set up here. As soon as you've setup your page you should begin showing up in the list of businesses in your local area.

Unless you are in a very niche profession you probably won't see yourself at the top of the list just yet. Check back soon for tips on how to optimize your page, and begin climbing the rankings.

- Justin

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